Welcome to Indexter! We’re a search alternative to algorithmic based search engines.

We leverage the new generic top level domain names utilizing common sense extensions such as .directory, .guide, .gallery and more. This creates an address nomenclature that is intuitive to the user. You can skip all the search engine spam and go straight to the content you want!

When you search a keyword using an algorithmic based search engine, the search results are not usually what you’re looking for. Instead you get served a page full of websites designed to manipulate the search algorithm for the key words you typed in. In fact, there’s an entire industry devoted to this known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization). That’s not content. That’s spam.

Now instead of googling “insurance agents” and sorting through thousands of pages of insurance industry spam you can simply type insurance.directory in your address bar for a directory of, what else? Insurance agents.

Indexter is a patent pending index for sites utilizing this intuitive nomenclature.  Listings are curated and sites must utilize best practices to deliver content in a safe manner that reflects the implied functionality of the nomenclature. This is not the world of search engine chaos where anything goes.

This means car.gallery has to be a gallery of car images and not a landing page for a local dealership.  And ppv.guide needs to be a guide for EVERYONE’S pay-per-view content (not just Hulu’s or HBO’s), etc.  No spam or anonymous and unsafe websites are allowed.

To be listed, website developers will use an Indexter template or plug-in.  Users can then find these sites by exploring the intuitive icons on the Indexter search bar. This bar is located at the top of the page of all websites listed on Indexter.

So to access that directory of insurance agents, you can click on the directory icon and search “insurance” to find it. However, given how intuitive the system is, most users will know they can simply type insurance.directory into the address bar and go straight to it. If the user doesn’t see the Indexter bar at the top of the page, they will know the site has not been indexed and therefore safety and functionality is not guaranteed.

To access the index, users can go to indexter.com or refine their search by using a specific, intuitive domain extension like indexter.gallery or indexter.directory. From there, you can search keywords to find specific “indexter-ed” content without having to sort through pages of spam associated with algorithm based search engines.

By indexing websites with this patent pending method, Indexter becomes a marketplace for virtually all forms of online commerce.  From auctions and online gaming to shopping for little black dresses on dress.gallery. Even searching .taxi listings for a ride to the airport. Indexter fights the Amazon effect and opens the user up to a fully decentralized world of e-commerce via safe, curated websites and apps.

Because the index is curated and uses templates and plug-ins, the e-commerce platform of Indexter will be able to support a decentralized, peer-to-peer payment method. Using a crypto-currency and block-chain based distributed ledger, sites will be able to bypass costly merchant processing fees.

Some of those savings will be passed on to the user in the form of indexter coins which can be used to purchase goods and services on indexter-ed sites. Sites can also mine the coin each time they settle a transaction. This makes for a powerful loyalty and rewards program.

We hope this gives you a good introduction to our unique method of indexing websites. Additional services that we provide on our platform include:

On-line auction & consignment services, on-line retail store services, selling online using social media, online advertising and marketing services, online advertising network, matching online users with relevant content, coupon promotions for goods and services, gift cards, online portfolio marketing, online promotions of brands and websites, promotional services with online advertising, on-line auction and trade directory services, on-line web directory services, searchable online advertising guides and online marketplaces and directories utilizing .gallery sites for the sale of goods and services such as www.car.gallery and hair.gallery.